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How one SaaS grew organic traffic by 332.91% with user-generated content

Can you name a more iconic duo than content and SEO in the history of marketing? Go ahead, I’ll wait . . .

As marketers, it’s our duty to take SEO into consideration when we’re creating pages and content. Product feature announcements, use case blog posts, guides for certain verticals – whatever the content, you’ll want it to rank well on search engines.

User-generated content, or UGC, can be defined as any piece of content created by users/consumers of a product or service. UGC can also help you massively with making content rank.


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Personal branding is the coolest sales tool at your disposal

This is not for the casuals, for the 9to5ers or for the people who say “I don’t wanna hear about work stuff. . .I’m out of the office!”

It’s for the annoyingly passionate people that spend their free time reading, creating and sharing content for the SaaS community.

It’s for the young players in the game that are willing to clock in the hours but don’t really have a long-term vision for their career.

It’s time to invest in your personal brand! (more…)

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Case Study: The Ideal Navigation Menu [ 126 SaaS websites ]

Each year, thousands of SaaS companies gather around the whiteboard to tackle the thorny task of changing the navigation menu and the taxonomy of the website.

Founders, marketers, and designers start gathering ideas and examples for the long dispute ahead of them. In this artificial habitat, the debates might take hours if not days. More often than not, the outcome is a compromise.

And more often than not, they end up with a navigation menu that is not helpful to the target audience. (more…)

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Why CPRU is the new metric in Performance Marketing

Usually, retention helps SaaS Marketers assess the performance of onboarding, activation, email drip campaigns and feature stickiness. But you can also use initial retention to figure out how many users you’re actually acquiring and what is their actual cost.

On every article, guide, ebook, and workshop about Performance Marketing you are taught to optimize campaigns around conversions. And it’s perfect if you have an e-commerce store or an agency looking for clients.

But for a SaaS company, a conversion does not equal a user ( a person who uses or operates your product ). (more…)

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Everything SaaS needs to know about brand searches

SaaS companies, from startups to enterprise, spend a lot of time building a brand within their niche. You create educational content, ads, talk on podcasts, pay to be listed on “best of” articles, get featured on Inc. / TechCrunch / Entrepreneur.

Multi-touch attribution, ABM, demand generation funnels, MQL to SQL. And yet most SaaS companies don’t take into account that after all these interactions your potential customer might look you up on Google.

Everything you do will result at some point in a brand search.  (more…)

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Choosing Growth Marketing Over Hacking

The term “Growth Marketing” is definitely not new, but it certainly didn’t have the same traction as it’s popular brother “growth hacking”. I’ve seen it mentioned a couple of times but nobody really committed to it.

I feel that now it’s a well-rounded word that defines a new stage in the evolution of Marketing. A name that describes the Marketer of today and of the immediate future.

I’ve seen the rise and popularity of the online environment, redefining the Who, How and Where of Marketing. After that, growth hacking came along and gave it another spin.


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