Who, Me ?

Exponentially” is an idea that came to me after more than 10 years of reading Marketing articles on the internet. As time went by, blogs became less personal and lost the narrative element.

I was never interested in creating 500 word articles about the 5 generic things you must do in 20XX to be a successful Marketer. And I was never impressed by the Neil Patel content assembly line ( maybe because I was a ghostwriter myself, and I know how far is a known influencer from actually writing his own articles).

Content is King

I appreciate reading unfiltered thoughts coming from the successes and failures of fellow Growth Marketers. People are more inclined to share an article that is relevant to them than to actually read it. And Marketers are to be blamed for this.

We refined and distilled “content creation” to the point we desensitized the reader. I became immune to “content” but I learned to enjoy personal stories.

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It’s hard to click on a link to a marketing article knowing that you’re going to be subjected to the same techniques you are taught to implement to increase your CTR, upsell/cross-sell and so on. A blog page starts to morph into the web equivalent of a Nascar race car.

Optimizing For Conversion

If you think your content strategy is hurting your SEO then most likely this blog is not for you.I want to create articles that are actually worth reading ( not only sharing ) – to narrate data and growth into stories. I have a passion for Growth Marketing , but I also like to visualize ideas. And I think people are prepared for my bad drawing skills.

Growth IdeasSterian Mihai Digital MarketerAs for me, my name is Mihai Sterian. I’ve been writing for 10 years, and I’ve been doing Digital Marketing for 6. I’ve been raised with content and SEO. In time, my interest spewed into all things Growth Marketing. I feel that you can’t really be good in this field if your job is not your passion. You can literally wake up on the wrong side of the street if you miss on critical updates or case studies.

And at the end of the day, this blog is meant to create communication with other Digital Marketing enthusiasts but also to ensure that I constantly push my knowledge and creativity.

Hope you’ll enjoy my stories and stick with me while we capture the evolution of Marketing in words and drawings.

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