I help SaaS businesses manage their growth

You shouldn’t take ad-hoc gut decisions when it comes to identifying growth potential. I’m a growth consultant helping customers see the light on the other side of the funnel. 

growth funnel full picture

A full funnel growth expert that helps SaaS businesses get past the series A scaling bottlenecks.

Even with the right talent, it’s not easy identifying and investing in repeatable and scalable strategies that will take you to 10M – 20M in ARR.


There are so many metrics and so many levers in a SaaS business that sometimes it feels like a gamble. Having an experienced growth marketer on your side means you can easily distinguish the bad bets from the good ones.

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Understand where you're winning and where you're failing

From signup to engagement and revenue, you might show them a good time or a quick run through a field of glass shards. You always need an expert eye to identify leaky pipes and bottlenecks in your funnel. Let’s team up!

Not another growth course or a 20-page audit

I’m not in the opinion giving business, so if you’re looking for a Google doc with recommendations, I’m not your person. 


You can’t be helpful by poking at a problem with a stick. It would be best if you had somebody that can work side-by-side with you.

Focusing on metrics that matter

You have a huge Trello board filled with ideas, but the growth “committee” is busy with their day-to-day activities. It’s been on the priority list for quite a while, but there’s no real process and nobody to take the reins of this beast.


You are not alone on this one! I’ve helped many SaaS businesses manage their process and expectations.


An outside view of your funnel performance

Sometimes it’s hard to see the trees for the forest. You’re up to your neck in tasks. And you’re too invested in your work to be looking at the funnel from a fresh perspective.

Not only do I bring niche experience and skills to improve metrics across the funnel, but I’ll also provide a fresh set of eyes on your concerns.

Let's talk SaaS growth!

When it comes to this topic, I’m always happy to spend 30 minutes hearing about a new story. If you want to collaborate with me or just want to bounce some ideas, just pick the best date and time for a 1-on-1 meeting.